Calculate Tax Deductions for Different Vehicle Acquisition Methods
Lease Vs. Buy?
Business Name Vs. Personal Name
This calculator is designed for corporations whose employees use vehicles for both personal and business use.

This calculator is designed to calculate the total tax deductions for both leasing and purchasing the vehicle, and for putting the vehicle in the business or personal name.  It also compares actual expenses to mileage reimbursements for the different scenarios.  Please consult your CPA or other financial expert to get exact numbers if your situation is more complicated.
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1. General  2. Lease  3. Purchase  4. Business  5. Personal

Vehicle Info (Year/Make/Model):    
Year Purchased:    
New Or Used:    
Vehicle Class:    
Vehicle Frame:    
Average Annual Operating Expenses       
(excluding insurance/property taxes/gasoline):     
Average Annual Property Taxes:    
Average Total Annual Miles:    
Average Annual Business Miles:    
Cap Cost:   
Lease Term:   
Monthly Lease Payment:       Enter Info and Calc Pymt
Cap Cost  Reduction:    
Bank Fee:    
Money Factor:    
Residual Value:    
Use Tax Rate/Amount:    
Purchase Price(Including Sales Tax):    
Disposal Value:    
Trade In or Sell:    
Is the Trade a Qualified Like Kind Exchange?     
Finance or Pay Cash:    
Loan Amount:   
Loan Term:   
Interest Rate on Loan:   
Balloon/Ending Balance:   
Monthly Loan Payment:     
Average Annual Business Insurance:    
Fuel Evaluation Method:    
Average Miles Per Gallon:    
Average Cost of Gas:    
Finance or Pay Cash:    
Home Equity Loan:    
Loan Amount:         Use business loan info
Loan Term:    
Interest Rate on Loan:    
Balloon/Ending Balance:    
Monthly Loan Payment:      
Average Annual Personal Insurance:    
Reimbursement for Gain/Loss on Sale:    

  Lease Purchase
Business Name-Actual    
ToTotal Deductions
Less: Personal Addbacks
Total Tax Deductionst
Personal Name Actual    
Total Reimbursement
Personal Tax Deductions
Total tax Deductions
Mileage Reimbursement    
Total Mileage Reimbursement
Personal Tax Deductions
Total Tax Deductions